A Safe Working Environment​​

The biggest challenge for companies is to keep production, assuring that healthy workers can perform their activities in a safe environment. Critical decisions must be taken when departments or units cannot count on all collaborators. Situations like this can create a cascade of problems and eventually collapsing the company if there is no risk mitigation plan.

The RST is a monitoring tool for a population that shares a common area. Our application is available for iOS and Android. It has algorithms based on artificial intelligence, helping companies organize disease prevention more trustworthy and efficient.


Software as a Service(SaaS)   

The service can be hired for any period.​


RST is developed over Google Cloud, which guarantees availability, performance, and data security.​


A BI dashboard is refreshed several times a day, giving updated information to managers.

Cost reduction

The algorithm suggests those that should be tested, reducing mass testing. Operational HR work is drastically reduced.


The application is available for iOS and Android, and there is also a website. All receive the logo and colors of your company.


All questionnaires are based on science using methodology and created by a qualified team.


People with symptoms and those that had contact with infected people are requested to avoid the working environment. The company is updated with a list of those that will not be available, relieving HR work.


  • It collects, processes, and analyses data, providing management support – based in science, fast and safe, building a healthy environment, and mitigating risks;
  • Help reduce the impact of disease transmission in the environment (companies and educational places) by contaminated people;
  • The RST objective is to enhance workers and student protection, providing reliable information;
  • It creates a more favorable environment to keep activities with commitment and overall participation.

Frequently questions

Yes, it can. Companies will have an application and a website with their logo and colors.

It is also possible to connect a completely different interface. It does require development.

The user receives a message at the end of the questionnaire a message saying if it is ok to return to the working environment or not. This person also gets an email with more detailed information on how to proceed, call, best practices, etc.

Yes, all data belong to the user. They have the right to be forgotten. The user needs to send a message asking to be removed from the database. All information collected is consolidated and anonymized. No individual data is sent to third party companies.

Yes, it can be changed. It can be any questionnaire. However, we recommend keeping the current questionnaire to start with the monitoring process as soon as possible.

We are on all platforms​